Tricia Scott

Tricia Scott
BA MSc, UKCP Honorary Fellow

Organisational and Training Consultancy Services
Psychotherapy and Counselling

Tricia Scott is an organisational and training consultant offering services to Psychotherapy and Counselling bodies to facilitate their professional development.

She retired as a practitioner after 32 years in 2007 and has since focused on the regulatory aspects of the profession. She is committed to development of Psychotherapy and Counselling as a professional stand-alone discipline. To this end she supports statutory regulation of psychotherapists and counsellors.

She is a leader in the development of standards in training, ethics and organisational protocols and procedures with the values and principles of Humanistic psychology at their heart.

She offers the following services:

Training Consultant

— Validation of Psychotherapy and Counselling training courses from BTEC to Masters level. Her focus is to preserve the vocational values and principles of Psychotherapy and Counselling while meeting the rigour and discipline of academic standards.

— UKCP accreditation of Training Programmes that reflect generic Education, Training and Practice standards as well as modality specific standards.

— External Examiner at Masters level and UKCP Accreditation and Registration. Particular expertise in the Humanistic and Integrative approaches. 

— Assessment of Reaccreditation. Particular expertise in the Humanistic and Integrative Approaches.

— External Moderation: Liaison, support and guidance between Regulatory body and Training Institutes

— Mentoring of senior staff.

Consultant in Ethics, Complaints and Mediation

— Ethical codes and frameworks for Complaints Procedures and mediation service

— In depth Investigation of complaints. Report writing

— Mediation services

— Adjudication in complaints hearings

— Advocate in complaints hearings

— Mentoring of Ethics and Complaints Committees

Organisational Consultancy

— Creating a fair and responsive organisational structure and culture. 

— Developing procedures and protocols that emphasise collaborative decision-making and collective responsibility. 

— Inter-Personal and organisational communication skills and management systems to create a healthy workplace

— Healing the legacy of a toxic organisational culture. Assessment of organisational issues underpinning conflict and facilitating conflict resolution